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Mastering Gentelligence®: Understanding & Leveraging Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Featured in Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, Inc Magazine, and more, Megan developed the Gentelligence® concept to help organizations change the way they approach generational differences.

Mind the gap! We now have five generations in the workplace, and many leaders view this dynamic as a frustration and a challenge. Learn how the strategy of Gentelligence®  can help your organization leverage generational diversity as an opportunity and a competitive advantage. We will discuss:

  • How to push beyond lazy stereotypes to understand generational and age differences as a valuable form of diversity
  • The barriers that often prevent organizations (and individuals) from intergenerational collaboration.
  • The 4 key practices of Gentelligence and ways to apply them to workplace challenges
  • And more (depending on length of session)

The Secrets of Gentelligent Teams

Left to their own devices, multi-generational teams often struggle with conflict, tension, and miscommunication. To tap into the diverse knowledge, expertise, and experiences such teams possess, we need proactive strategies and tools. In this session, you’ll learn how to build the Gentelligence Team Trifecta (Support, Structure, and Significance) that is essential for a generationally-diverse team to thrive.

Gentelligent People Strategies

Our approach to managing and leading people is shifting under our feet. Where they will work? Why they will work? When they will work? Who will our talent be in the future of work? In this session, we will explore these questions through a Gentelligence lens, broadening our perspectives of how we can tap into the benefits of generational diversity to create more engaged employees. We will also explore the challenges and opportunities of leading those both older and younger than ourselves.

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