Greetings! My blog has been quiet lately, but conversations about generational differences have been popping up all over the world!  We are getting ready to launch an all-new monthly Genelligence blog series sharing my favorite tips and tools for creating intergenerational learning and collaboration. Look for that starting in November!

Before that launches, here’s a quick update on some of the great Gentelligence discussions we’ve been having lately. From a podcast out of the UK to a group of luxury marketing professionals to Harvard Business Review, questions about generational differences are front of mind for many. This reinforces that the potential of Gentelligence is a relevant conversation just about anywhere.

Here are some of the most eye-opening questions I’ve been exploring with amazing collaborators on recent podcasts, webinars, and publications:

What would be possible if we stopped pitting generations against one another and sought new ways to blend our generationally diverse perspectives?  On this week’s Digital Disrupted podcast, Paul Muller and I discussed these questions and uncovered just how we can end the generation wars once and for all.


How in the world do you effectively manage a multi-generational team?  Harvard Business Review’s Emma Waldman explored this tough question on generational differences in the workplace in her recent article, and she had me on speed dial. Check out our conversation in the article at


Has COVID changed the way Boomers are thinking about retirement?  I had the chance to dig into this rapidly changing phenomenon at a session of the famous Barn Gang at the Engineers’ Club of Dayton. Fun fact: the Barn Gang has been around for over 100 years!



How does Gen Z define ‘authenticity ‘ in the age of rampant social media? I joined Hana Ben-Shabat (founder of Gen Z Planet)  on a panel discussion for The Luxury Institute.  We also did some much-needed Gen Z myth-busting.


How can universities craft a generationally intelligent return to campus? Check out my recent article in AACSB Insights with undergrad Zach Russo. We compared data on how Gen Z students reacted to remote pandemic learning compared to faculty. Our learnings may surprise you.

These are just 5 of my favorite conversations on Gentelligence over the last few months. I’d love to hear how the role of generational diversity is sparking discussions in your corner of the world.

Tweet me @profgerhardt and tell me what questions you want to see me cover next!